Cotall St squatters part II – gone

April 30, 2011 8pm in Tower Hamlets | Comments (2)

I haven’t been past Cotall St since I wrote this post – the most commented on post on my blog by far, that was over 18 months ago. But I went past there last week… and everything’s gone.

Site of former Cotall St squatters

2 Responses to “Cotall St squatters part II – gone”

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  1. Comment by Katrina — May 1, 2011 10am  

    My goodness. I just read the comments on the first post you linked back to. How did I miss that the first time? You appear to have attracted some passionate participation…

  2. Comment by MumMay 14, 2011 9am  

    Me too! Quite aggressive. Luckily they didn’t know where you lived at the time. You might have got “The Bash”!

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