Commercial Road – a bit dangerous perhaps?

April 30, 2011 8pm in Tower Hamlets | Comments (2)

I’ve just moved to Commercial Road. I haven’t been here long, but already I’ve seen two “incidents”! The first one was a guy getting arrested right out Limehouse Station, which is very close to my house. It’s not clear what it was for, but I took a photo with my phone, which doesn’t have the highest resolution – but you can click the photo to see more.

Guy getting arrested outside Limehouse Station

Then, a week later, I went to the Costcutter which is on the next block, and it was sealed off. The cashier in there had blood running all down his face, it was like he’d been hit with a bottle. I didn’t take a photo of him directly, the police were telling people to go away.

Costcutter Commercial Road cordoned off

Luckily I don’t spend much time on Commercial Road – it’s all Chicken places and dodgy restaurants (actually, the New Garden Thai is really nice). But still a bit scary. I make sure my door is locked at night. The area north of Commercial Road is Stepney – I’ve mentioned the area before in this post. I live in an area called Ratcliffe… bordering Stepney.

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  1. Comment by MumMay 14, 2011 9am  

    Oh dear. A mum doesn’t want to hear this stuff.

  2. Comment by CHAMP44 — July 5, 2011 12am  

    Dear Matt

    I also live near Commercial Road as I’m very near Watney Market.

    This part also has a lot of problems as there are a lot of drugs, gangs who are quite clearly into pushing, and no doubt other criminal activity and a lot of people get robbed here as do the local shops. This May a pensioner, in her 80′s had their trolley stolen, in the charity shop, they got all their pension and bus pass. Not long after, on the 23.06.2011 I’d my laptop stolen from my flat. Other people have been robbed during the previous years.

    I filled out an online police incident form on 26.06.2011 and the police haven’t replied, they said they don’t reply to emails, which’s understandable, but I put both my numbers on the form with the details and they haven’t rang and or left a message. What’s the point in me wasting my time to complete the form when there’s no response, now I’ll have to call the 0300 number, costing 15p a minute from a home phone and a mobile. As the saying goes round here. “The police couldn’t catch a cold!!”

    Good Luck living round here as you’ll need it.

    Best wishes


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