Big fan of Take Me Out =X

April 30, 2011 8pm in TV | Comments (2)

I’m a very big fan of the UK version of Take Me Out (the Australian equivalent “Taken Out” is booorrringgggg). I’ve seen each of the 22 episodes at least three times, I think it’s funny and the host Paddy McGuiness is hilarious. No likey, no lighty!

The way it works is that a guy is brought out in front of thirty girls, each of the girls is behind a podium with a light on, and if they don’t like the guy, they turn their light out. After we see a video of the guy in his daily life, and a demonstration of a “special talent”, if any of the girls still has her light on, the guy picks one and they go on a date to the “Isle of Fernandos”, in Tenerife, Spain.

I was at Waterloo station on Wednesday, and I was standing on the platform for ages because there were severe delays. And I saw what I thought was a familiar face. It didn’t take me long to work out that it was John from Bournemouth, from Take Me Out’s very last episode (season 2 episode 14). This guy:

John from Take Me Out

I really wanted to go and talk to him and I’d had a few drinks so that helped. I did go over and had a chat – I figure that anybody that’s been on TV is fair game to talk to in public places.

He said that he got noticed a lot at first when the show aired (which was around February sometime) but it’s died down a bit now. We talked about his date with Holly, he seemed genuinely surprised that I could remember the name of the girl he went on a date with (like I said, I’m a BIG fan). He was a really nice guy.

His special talent was making noises to the Blue Danube orchestral piece, specifically armpit noises, and noises from other parts of his body – it was very bizarre. I mean this in the nicest possible way, but if he wasn’t the penultimate guy of the entire series, I’m not so sure that he would have gotten a date :)

John from Take Me Out - armpit noises

I’m happy because I haven’t seen anybody off the TV for a long time, and not sure I’ve ever talked to anyone off TV!

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  1. Comment by MumMay 14, 2011 9am  

    Do you think he might have thought you sad for remembering the detail?

  2. Comment by matt — May 17, 2011 10am  

    At first I think he thought “oh boy, another fan of the show” and then that changed to “wow, this one is genuinely crazy”!

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