Some fun games – if you like geeky physics games

April 3, 2010 2pm in Random Ramblings,Yes, I'm a geek. | Comments (2)

I’ve spent hours playing these two games – I think you have to be a geek to like them, but I think they’re fun!

Blosics 2 – Fire balls at stacks of green blocks to knock them off the screen, but don’t let the red blocks fall.
Taberinos – Launch your ball at the evil white lines, in order to clear the playing field in as few moves as possible.

Do you think they’re fun too?

2 Responses to “Some fun games – if you like geeky physics games”

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  1. Comment by David — April 11, 2010 7pm  

    I nearly missed the bus to work playing taberinos. Its addictive, I got to level 12 and had to make myself give up.

  2. Comment by Liz — April 12, 2010 11am  

    grr taberinos is addictive and I had to set up the other puter for L to play… shes rather good at it

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