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So since Thursday the 15th, all UK flights in and out have been grounded because a volcano erupted in Iceland and the ash is drifting over the country.

So that means it looks like I’m not going anywhere, two days later it’s still hanging over the UK and isn’t showing any signs of going, in fact it’s getting worse.

I was supposed to be spending from April 16-24 in Los Angeles and Las Vegas with my sister, and then on April 25 she was gonig to come back to London and I was going to go on to Costa Rica. Our flight out was cancelled, and we’re rebooked for tomorrow (Sunday 18) but it looks like that will be cancelled too because the ash isn’t going anywhere.

So my sister won’t be getting a holiday at all by the looks of it. And the longer this ash continues, the more of my holiday I’m going to lose, and the more it’s going to cost me. I’ve booked Spanish classes in Costa Rica starting April 26 but if I can’t get there, they’re not refundable, and they cost a lot of money.

Also, I moved out of my flat, so if we don’t fly by Sunday, I will have nowhere to live.

For me, a week or two out of a 10 week holiday is not the end of the world, but I’m very sad for my sister who was looking forward to her week-long holiday since December. It’s kind of heartbreaking really.

But I keep hearing about people on the news who are stuck in countries where they don’t have visas, and people whose relatives are sick or have died, and they can’t travel to be with them, so I like to complain as little as possible because there are people out there with much worse problems than me.

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