Day 1 of my trip – 24 April 2010 – Heathrow, London to Dallas, Texas

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Took the first flight of my trip today with American Airlines. It’s the first long-haul airline I’ve flown with where they don’t give you free alcohol! What a rip off! And the TV in the seat wasn’t “on demand” – you had to wait for the show to start, or you had to start watching the show in the middle of it.

I arrived at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport in Texas at 6.30pm local time. It’s a lot greener here than I expected, I expected it to be more desert like Las Vegas. Got a taxi ride to the place where I’m staying for one night, but the taxi driver had no idea where it was. We went round and round in circles, on the freeway, off the freeway, back on, off, u turns here and there, but we eventually found it, and he didn’t charge me for all the driving around in circles.

The confusion was because my confirmation said “Walnut Hill Drive”, but it was actually “Walnut Hill Lane”, and the driver says that the receptionist was giving poor directions. But when I checked in, I met the most eccentric hotel receptionist ever. She was raving to me about some confectionery called a “Chick-O-Stick” (it’s “Crunchy Peanut Butter and Toasted Coconut Candy”), and when I said I’d never heard of it, she gave me one of hers. And then I said I’d never heard of the other thing she was raving about, a “Skor” bar, and she gave me one of those too and told me to put it in the freezer. Plus she gave me free internet and a free room upgrade, she was awesome.

Then I went to buy some Bumbleebee Tuna from the pharmacy for 49 cents, but it had sold out. Which is fine, because I don’t like tuna, I just like the name! (remember Jim Carrey in Ace Ventura When Nature Calls?)

I’ll be flying out at 10am tomorrow to Costa Rica. My time zones are a bit messed up, it’s 3am Sunday in London, so it must be 2pm Sunday in New Zealand and it’s 9pm here in Texas. Almost every TV channel seems to be taken up by a tornado in Yazoo City, Mississippi.


PS I haven’t seen George Bush yet but I hope to.

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  1. Comment by Hannah — April 28, 2010 10pm  

    Royal Brunei also don’t give you free alcohol – in fact they don’t serve alcohol at all even if you pay for it!! That receptionist sounds awesome – and I want one of those Chick O Stick things!!

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