April Fool’s day – I’m so gullible

April 1, 2010 12pm in Random Ramblings | Comments (0)

Despite saying to myself “nobody’s going to trick me today” several times on the walk to work today, I still got caught out by some April Fool’s day jokes.

I said that I wouldn’t get caught again after last year, when my team circulated a memo saying “management have asked us to do a code review – we need to look through all the code in our application and remove all the swear words”. I fell for it.

But today, when the team said that we need to get our Russian new joiner a Russian keyboard or else he couldn’t do any work, I believed that too.

And when I saw this article on my favourite money-saving website about a batch of 50p coins produced with an error that makes them worth £1,000, I was rushing to my wallet to see if I had one. (Note that at the time, the disclaimer in blue at the top of the article wasn’t there!)

At least I didn’t believe the Guardian story on Labour’s election campaign posters! They are a fake response to the Conservative party’s real billboards, one of which I saw while I was out running last night. I think all these posters are quite cool.

Gordon Brown

On a side note, I will be so depressed if Gordon Brown wins the election.

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