I quit my job at UBS to go travelling

March 7, 2010 10pm in 2010 trip,Costa Rica,Samara Beach,Travel | Comments (0)

Well, I’ve been planning this for a year or so, but wanted to wait until unemployment figures were better and my pay review was over – I’ve quit my programming job at UBS.  If you’re interested in knowing exactly why I ended up quitting, send me an email :)

But I don’t even have another job lined up, instead I have booked plane tickets to Las Vegas in April, Costa Rica in May and Peru in June.  I’m also going to be doing the Inca Trail in Peru at the end of June with a couple of friends, and I can’t wait.

In Costa Rica I’ll be learning spanish for four weeks in a school located beside the beach.  That sounds great, but I better practice what spanish I do know so that I’m not completely hopeless when I get there.  Here’s where I’m going: Samara Beach.

When I get back in July I’m hoping to get back into contracting – because when I was a contractor in 2006 I got paid a lot more than when I was a full-time employee.  Hopefully it will be easy to get a contracting job since I spent four years in the investment bank at UBS and have some decent experience now.

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